Holy and True!

​​You amaze me,

The scenery might be hazy,
But You’re always there for me,
I may sound crazy, but You’re my everything.
So Jesus, placate me, reduce this stuttering,
I am Yours alone, stay with me, help me stop my muttering.

I know now that You lead me for Your own sake,
I know now that Your righteousness is for Your own Name,
I can see that forgiveness is the embrace of Your perfect grace,
I can read that mercy triumphs judgement and see Your face.

And when these tears fade away, You’ll still be the Way,
I will never leave you nor forsake you, Your words, Yahweh,
Let me testify with my life, Your light in my eyes, Your ways divine,
Walk with me like Abraham, wanna be like Jesus, water into wine.

So if I’m embarrassed, let it be my fear fast,
If I’m caught up in my past, at least I’ll be free at last.
The valley of the shadow of death isn’t enough to pull me from Dad,
Nothing shall separate, He sets my feet on His angel-guarded path.

So keep me in reach, wrap these feet with shoes of peace,
Keep me on my knees, forever worshipping the Lord of Glory,
Keep me interceding, this whole prayer thing’s not receding,
I just wanna be in the garden, weeding, lifting Your church up with feeling.

Thank You, thank You, thank You,
I cannot be too profuse,
Your glory in me is effuse,
It’s too much for me to enthuse,
Thank You, Father, for being You,
For being good, whole, right and true,
For giving, for not withholding, for “Yes! Yes!” and “Amen!” too!
For fulfilling and delivering me from my wretched tomb,
Hallelujah, all this is for You! Hallelujah, glory and honour to You!

Woo! Think I can take my medicine now.
You! Restore me to Yourself in pow’r.
Yes! I can endure this test,
I’m blessed to persevere my best.


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