Just As I Am

I thought I wasn’t good enough,
Oh, thought at best I’d have it rough,
Did not expect You to see through my bluff,
Never thought You’d think me worth more than a huff.
I can’t get full up, without Your help, You’re my Lord and it’s done,
You finished it, completed it, defeated it, killed death to dead with it, You won,
And though I thought I was just a pawn, I was wrong, You’re worthy of song,
Your sacrifice, dear Jesus, perfect forever, start to finish, You are God,
And I’m a sinful garbage dump guy, full of junk, totally worth this rot,
Selfish and vain, imperceptibly insane, when I’m down I flounder in doubt,
Obsessively compulsive with anxiety, self-hate, I stutter and shout,
And I thought that I could not have your forgiveness until I ruin my heart without
Hope, mercy, wisdom, forgiveness that is given, but eternal life starts and ends with love.
So now I hope in Your life, in Your name, in the perfection that’s your legacy above,
Because I know it’s You living in me that defines me in Your eyes with a sanctifying thrum,
Leading me in paths of righteousness for Your own Name’s sake, Your heartbeat in me is a death-defying drum.
So come, Lord, be glorified,
Sound the drums, God is ready for His bride,
Trumpets, blare, Jehovah God will arrive,
Skies, crack wide, Yahweh is nigh.


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