Goodbye, Doldrums

Oh God, Your grace,
The glimpse of Your face,
The warmth of Your embrace,
This is too much to take,
The swell of Your heart’s faith,
Fullness of Your perfect Name,
Righteousness isn’t mine to take,
And frightfulness is a man at stake,
But the gift freely given is front to back all God’s grace,
Bumper to bumper, to Z from A.
Sandbox to play in, I’m just playin’,
I love You, God, You’re my everything,
Thank You, God, for delivering,
I owe You so much more than I’m giving,
I’m wretched and broken when I’m fixed on what’s missing,
But You fill every gap when my eye’s on You, my King.
Now there will be no mistaking, who this King is, He stomps satan.
Gives authority, promised His inheritance, freed us from hating.
Nothing formed shall stand against, not just past tense, patient waiting,
I’m just grafted in, can’t pretend this sin is something I can play with,
But Your life shines, this little light of mine, You turned me back to staying,
Safe, secure from all alarm, this is who You’re making me,
Jehovah God, it’s with You I wanna be,
And yeah, maybe I’m just a wannabe, but please let me see,
I might never make it, but God, I won’t fake it, help me to be,
Honest and open and never hidden from what to believe,
That Your grace is given sufficently,
And that all You require is love in honesty,
To believe is to see,
And seeing is living,
And to live is to be free,
And to be free is to worship He
Who raised Him from the dead and exalted Him holy,
Who died to redeem our fee, Who raised again, vict’ry.
So farewell, stagnant sea,
Goodbye, doldrums of the deep,
Avast, ye sluggish waters, creep,
Fresh wind, new hopeful faith in Keep,
Hallelujah, precious Jesus, You’ve restored my soul to see.

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