Listen to me,
Listen to me,
Pay attention to the sound of my voice,
I’m not speaking for me, or by my own choice.
Can’t believe that this is really for me,
Can’t seem to receive they’re putting rope on the tree,
I know I’m not against flesh and blood, but principalities,
Powers and the voice of fear, but listen when He draws near!

I am not speaking for me, leave me on my prayer balcony,
But the Kingdom’s so near, it’s even here! Can’t you lend an ear?
If my silence you would endear, oh you know I’d wanna adhere,
But you’re speaking the voice of fear, get behind me, don’t jeer.

Fling your doors open, why are you afraid of hoping?
It’s never too much for coping, this is His Majesty’s op’ning,
Open the doors, this is not sin eloping, this is freedom ongoing,
You’re not inviting the hopeless, we’re not lifting up the broken!

And now I’m locked out, tried really hard not to shout,
Threw me in a pit and spit, on my twisted, rent helmet,
I just wanna feel your love, not hit, just wanna be invested,
But I’m here, God, still Yours, not just wallowing in shit.
Oh God,
Oh God.

I’m just me, wish I could be relieved,
Think I’m ready to retire, they won’t believe,
Don’t know what You’re doing with me, I’m deeply bereaved,
Give me all the money, all the pot and all the time and I’d still be grieved.

I just wanted their love,
I just wanted to rise above,
I just wanna love,
I just wanna rise above.


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