Set it Straight

God, You know what’s up,
You’re intimate with all my stuff,
You know what makes me scream, rebuff,
I’m just here for You, help me let go of this junk.

And You know I want forgiveness,
To give with or without a witness,
I don’t care, I just know what’s fair,
And that what’s paid for got laid bare

So help us to see, dear Jesus receive!
I’m not here for me or this angered mind sound,
Just more ground to pound, but in love, not to grieve!

What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?

Devil can’t win, Jesus paid for my sin,
Broken to let in, lifting the downtrodden,
Yeah the garbage doesn’t stick, we’re airtight not hardened,
And Jesus, You became my everything, my life You pardoned.

So I’m here above all,
To lift Your Name up so tall,
You press me beyond my hesitance, remembered thralls,
Just a river in the rapids, it’ll get calm at the foot of a waterfall.

But I know this so true it’s odd,
I can tell you for sure that life is not
About saying “No,” or about earning God,
If a gift is freely given, why pay for it at all?
“Yes! Yes!” and “Amen!” are the promises He brought,
Isn’t it written that righteousness comes by believing, not thought?
Isn’t it said that the confession of our mouth brings salvation not rot?

So I’m gonna praise Your holy Name,
And I will lift you up every single day,
All I want is to sing Your praise!
All I want is to sing Your praise!


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