I’m gonna make this plain,
Declare it straight into your brain,
The stuff that God has shown me,
The moving waves of history.

Once we were lost and alone,
No place to call home,
Guilt dominated over our heart stones,
Frustrations divided, bitterness in throes,
Where was the hope but for those who followed,
The voice of a God Who spoke from the flaming billows,
Clueless and wand’ring, the children of promise wallowed,
Until Moses came along, with God to walk, and wrote the Law.
It was more than instruction, not just do’s and don’ts,
These words inspired men to worship in effluent prose,
But where sin lies hidden there will never be a clean nose,
And the Israelites forbid it, our inability to come close,
No mercy for the weak, no binding for the broken and low,
And He sent the judges, acquiesced the kings, then the prophets spoke!

Hallelujah, hope beyond imagination’s grasp,
A fulfillment was coming, sacrifice that would always last,
But the people would not listen, the dark end was approaching fast,
So He cracked His whip of mercy, and came down humbled as a man,
Teaching, healing, being love incarnate, and when he took His last stand,
He took it quietly, being led without complaint, the Perfect Lamb,
Love would win the day, He said, come be with Me in heaven, man!
Tortured to death by the ones He loves the best,
They know not what they do, dear Dad, forgive their debt,
As the ones for whom He died pounded nails without regret,
Sinless and holy, His life’s reverberating right until the end.
So His life fulfilled it, there’s no one else could build it,
Offered it up for free, no payment plan or hidden fees,
It’s simple, He says, it is done, just believe,
Put your faith in Me and you’ll see.
His Holy Spirit abides in me.

See, it’s an inheritance given freely, no pride,
New life inside, where I can hide, no one to divide,
The work was done and completed once, now I just die,
Daily, each and ev’ry day, lay myself down to stay in His eye,
Quiet pastures and perfect bubbling brooks, my perfect Guide,
It’s given without spite, malice or guilt, I’m part of His bride!

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