Hope Swell

I do not want to complain,
But I’m sick of trying to refrain,
So I’ll let it out with a great loud shout,
And God I’m begging You to take the garbage out.

Got another diagnosis to add to this halitosis,
Just another check in a box on a list of stuff to detox,
But it’s HEAVY, didn’t expect it, had my guard down, enemy
Thought he’d attack, but these odds were always stacked.

This time you get to run, cursed adversary,
This time it’s your game to flee, voice of despair and greed,
The Guy behind me’s invincible, you can’t crush me, you’re mis’rable,
My destiny’s inev’table, you’re a whirlwind of failure, just the devil.

The life in me’s gonna make you flee,
The hate in you’s gonna be your due,
I’ve got a little light to shine,
So get, go away, flee, run and hide,
You cannot mess with the Saviour’s bride,
No, this time, you cannot get inside.

So why try? Why inflict suicide?
Almighty God is on my side, Jehovah Jireh’s pride,
You’ll never succeed at making me die, so run, He’s my only Guide.
When you say “End it,” I say “Okay, God, this flesh, rend it.”

The darkness can’t win in the light because there it doesn’t exist,
The sunlight is not filled with shadows, its illumination wins.
If I am a tree, why bereave me when I put roots down? Answer this.
Is the rain a flood or does it fall when we’re dry and in hunger fits?

So thank God for how He makes the enemy help,
Without that, Your Holy Spirit, I’d still be a hopeless whelp.
Lift me from this pit, restore me from what this helplessness dealt.
Show us how You love, don’t lessen help when we beg for hope’s well.


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