Eyes Set High

Oh my God, You always know what I need,
Lord, You are oh so faithful indeed!
I barely even planted a seed, but I believed!

Jehovah, I’m not in the best place today,
But I know it’s also not the worst, just not my heyday,
If I could have one thing, if I could be sure at all of a way,
I’d ask You for peace, so I can see, so I can worship Your Name.

One thing, yeah, I asked of the Lord,
And I said I’m gonna seek it, I will not be ignored,
That I may sit in the house of the Lord all the days I’m awarded.
THAT is my prayer, Yahweh, oh You promise I’m Yours!

So this newfound diagnosis is not my prognosis,
Obsessively in compulsivity, it’s not a disorder, this,
No, I’ve never been more ordered than this, straight lines, didn’t notice,
Now it’s just another tool, I’m no one’s fool, spiritual mitosis.

Jesus, You always make a way for me,
In darkness, You’re the lamp to my feet,
In sunlight, You’re the breeze and cool stream,
Mercy without warrant, faithfulness like a dream.

So I couldn’t win, but now I can’t lose,
God, You in me, I’m so effuse,
Holy Spirit strength in me, overcome iniquity,
No more spiritual soliloquy, dedicate my life’s destiny.


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