I’ve been trying way too hard,
Spinnin’ in the mud, this life’s a broken shard,
If this was just a drift, oh you know I’d hit it hard,
But I’m swimming, I’m stuck, didn’t get real far,
And I know if I floor it, I’m just making ice; better move like a star.

They all said I was smart, I was just surviving,
They told me I was gifted in art, but all it was was surmising,
Now I’m comin’ to terms with it all, realizing I’m not interesting.

And this smoke in my eyes is just tears in disguise; flesh, please die.
I will not spin these tires anymore, I’m retired, forever rest, abide,
Nobody can undersand this fight, they’re not interested in this plight, mine.
I will endure, persevere until I’m secure,
And I will procure the strongholds, beleaguere.

Plunder, stomp, crush, break, these old fortresses won’t stay.
One step at a time, I turn on a dime, these brakes never squeal or whine,
I’m not mine anymore, I do not mine these old floors, don’t mind, I’m Yours.
Can I have vict’ry? May I stomp on the devil please? His neck’s under my feet.

Christ gave me His authority over earth,
God delivered me from adversity despite this hurt,
Abba Father’s my Gard’ner, no austerity in His mirth.
Holy Spirit, guide me, speak from behind me, how much I’m worth.

Let’s go do some stomping, spiritual vict’ry’s addicting,
Jesus my Saviour, You’re my everything!
I wanna raise up Your Name like the perfection it is,
I wanna glorify with praise like the inflection’s Your cause.
This life is gonna serve You, because of You, I’m not lost.

Can I express it again, I am Yours right to the end!


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