Oh Brother

What am I?
Why this disguise?
Why have to shut these eyes?
Why do you want me to die?

Guess I’m up against what’s impossible for me,
Guess I cannot see everything that’s looming near.
You want me to talk, but when what do you do?
You stab me, you judge and lovelessly entreat.

What do you need from us, just shut up, we’ve had enough.
Asking for my open book so you can scribble it full
Of what you think but you never ask, shameful.
Your gossip’s found you out, oh brother, I could shout!

I’m more broke than you, but you’re brokener than me,
And I’m more broken than you but you’re broker than me,
I’ll serve you until you see the burden for you I’m carrying,
But until then, I’ll try not to whine, if everything you do is blind.

But why do you gotta rip me up, tip my cup, unfulfilll my crush,
I’m just here givin’ it my hundred, but all you want’s for me to undie.
To undo this overdue uncouth, pursue the precious perfect pize for you.
But why why why never ask? You put me to the task, you never asked…

Your opinion about me’s I’m a fool, but I just think you’re cool,
You think I’m hiding so you don’t see, but I’m just afraid of your fear,
You think my opening up is in line with my hope giving up,
But this is faith, full sprint in the race, not giving up last place.

I don’t know how else to do it,
But I know you won’t be the crew for it,
Thought I could build this trust,
But dismantle it I must, oh brother, I’m filled witih dust.

Oh brother,
Oh, brother.


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