It Just Won’t Take

Let me try one more time.
I am a worm.
Your love I cannot earn.
Life is lived to learn.
But we all end up in the urn.
So let me take my turn.
I’m being called, so let me answer.
I don’t know who I am, but You do for sure.

I’m not here to hurt anyone, why do I scream?
This life is not just a nightmare dream,
Why can I never seem to think outside this stream?

I’ve got no help but You, I’m doing all I can do…
But I guess what You think’s enough is a lot less than this stuff.
Help me to heal, not tear apart, I’ve broken my own heart…

Gotta put the blade away before I handshake,
But it’s stuck to my hand, shake it off before I hate!
Help me! I need Your mercy.
Help me! I’m empty and I’m hurting.
Help me. I just need to sccream…

I’m a coal that just won’t light,
Help me, I cannot give up this fight.
Fan the flame until I’m finally set right.
I do not want this murderous life.

Why won’t it take?
Why won’t I break?

Help me, waves pounding,
Help me, I’m drowning,
Help me, stupid floud’ring,
I just need more of my God King.

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