Just Like Dresden

I think I got an answer to this old question:
God, why do I feel just like Harry Dresden?
Standing up and fighting against doom impending,
Day in and day out, not anybody great, I’m just defending.

And if nobody else’ll do it, well, then I guess screw it,
I’m the guy for the job if You say I am, Lord, I never knew it,
Until You, so this is for You too, my inabity to quit fighting through it,
Beaten and bruised, sure, but God is my armour, my weaponry, He proves it.

So when I say I’m armed and dangerous,
When I brandish this sword against spiritual strangers,
They fall to pieces at my hand, because You’re the strongest,
So it might be cold and lonely, but this isn’t just good, it’s the best.

I’d still be nothing, no one, without a cause,
But You, oh Father swept me up in Your arms,
Said, “I’m taking it away, no more useless harm.”
Gave me a calling, kept me from fallin’, safe from alarm.

So the devil may rape and pillage, but I’m a well-defended village,
Couldn’t pretend that this came from, anyone else, but the good Judge,
If I suffer loss, it’s for the cause, and it won’t give me pause, He’s my Boss.
My King, my Lord and my Dad! He officiated my grad, now I can be glad!

And the conquest my God gives to me,
I know it’ll be stored up in heaven for eternity,
Inheritance set on blessing me,
Forever bowed like seraphim knee.

So with apologies to Mr. Butcher, please,
I can relate to the sultry voice of Lasciel,
Voice of the adversary constantly in my ear,
But it’s mine, my dominion, no more fear.

Now, the Winter Lady’s the pit of lust and envy,
And I didn’t know to connect it, but I see the truth in Ivy,
So I guess I’m done pretendin’ this parasite’s benign or at peace,
But I’m pushin’ through, made the promise to, quitting wouldn’t do.

Might never lift a fist against my enemy,
If there wasn’t innocence for defending,
Burnt my palm, but ’twas mercy I was spending,
Hard edges on the outside, but no more inner rending.

Might be better to leave it there,
There’s no need to fear or beware,
But why push my luck and overshare,
When I’ve already got Someone to handle all my care?
So Never Never beware, these Ways are mine and I’m settin’ snares,
Can’t touch me now, Winter, your red, beady stares.
I’m tramplin down strongholds, Wardens kept unaware,
Leanine Sidhe couldn’t stop me, this is my Father’s victory!

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