Wary, Better Beware

Oh give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name,
Make known His deeds among the peoples!

You, You, You, I woke up and it was all about You!
This is all I got, and this is all I can do,
Without You, I’d be run right through, 
I know that’s the truth, don’t need the haters’ goof,
What? You want proof?!?
Lemme lay it down sideways, sideswipin’ on the switchback,
This isn’t ineptitude or a bad attitude, it’s rad as the Dude
Who gave up His life so we could elevate His wife,
Bride-to-be, no more in soliloquy, rise up from the ashes, stomp the tyrany.
You want progression? You don’t want this condescension,
Man this Christianity’s ’bout more than just a heaven mansion,
Can you hear the engines revvin’? No more betttin’ 
On cooking the books, deflecting sour, judgemental looks.

Prayer doesn’t care if you’re unaware, it’s always there, hanging in the air,
Your Father God doesn’t blank stare, get caught in bramble or snare,
Free will so huge that yours could never refuse
His when you’re in a deluge, when it’s all you can do
To get cut in two, instead of three or stew, when you’re crushed into goo.

I don’t know what to do, don’t know what to say to you,
I can promise this is true, that it will never not change you,
But you think this isn’t for you, that it’s for me and that dude
Down the street who’s just beating his meat until you see that he meets
His Father Who cares, Who doesn’t refuse His heirs,
Who adopts even the ones that don’t dare, foolhardy beware.

And we all think we should change,
We all want to exchange,
This junk in our lives for a trunk,
A place to hide this old skunk.
A bunk bed to share with the voice in your head,
When you could have just made sure he was dead.


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