I’ve been trying to quit the guilt,Lately been working on not hitting myself
I’ve exhausted all this energy on forgiving my past,
It was all already taken away when Christ breathed His last.

I planted a garden and watched it sprout and grow,
And never once did I expect pefection, it’s a blessing
Just to see them grow, to flourish in the soil.
I keep it watered, sure, but I’m not bothered
When the plants I love and cherish look a bit careless,
Who cares what a seedling knows, it’s the vine that covers in growth.
I’m becoming me, You’re becoming You in me, this is my destiny,
If I can shine any part of You through me, let it be, let them see,
Only renew me, strengthen me, reinforce my broken heart so I can see.

Kill this way of thinking,
Remove this awful inking,
Not here for a coverup,
This is real negative stuff,
I need Your love,
Your hugs,
Yeah, need You here,
Can’t do this without He
Who saved this wretched beast.


One thought on “Seeing,

  1. favouromeje says:

    i love what you are doing with words Sir-The Word. i always look forward to reading your post. i call it Rhyme and Reason- the Risen!

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