Hope in Last Place

Can’t I do this diff’rent this time?
Can’t I find another way to rhyme?
Get these thoughts out my mind,
Wasting my time, tryna save my behind.

I remember the times when I would always rewind,
When these memories of mine were all I would handle in mind,
Self-harming in a place where I could hide, the pain would constantly abide.
Hard to see when you’re so unwise, wish I could just blink these eyes,
Stop and surmise…

But who’s wise when they’re in disguise? It’s a grimace, not a smile.
Masqueradee ball, keep your mask on, however the dice fall,
I’m not here for the taunting, haunting these hallways and wanting,
My despair’s turnt straight to air, burnt it up, it’s vapour smoke, beware.

Forever hope’s made of rope that never rips, nope,
This is my flow, my supernatural Bro’s never gonna let me go.
Oh, God Almighty, I’m too flighty, how can I approach You, You’re too mighty,
I’m a wretch beyond wretched, only You can save this dejected head’s trajectory…

Praise Him, raise it, razor sharp, blaze it,
Take His Name in place of this old life’s complacence,
Warm embrace of holy arms’ grace, forgiveness not wasted.
Put me in last place, just keep Your foot in the gate, I won’t be late.


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