Clumsy but Free

This is pretty funny, I’ve got nothing to vent about,
And if I’ve got something, yeah I know it’s just angry doubt.
So list’na me, this is when the sunshine’s all over us like a fountain, spout-
‘Tin’ out hope like I’m sellin’ dope, somebody call the Pope, I’m over this, shout!

Get me outta the way and get in my way, Jehovah, hey,
Open me up like a door, sweep my floor, help me get out of this chore,
Still need Your help ev’ry single minute, I’m not kidding, I’m set on this.
Chainin’ cigarettes like I’m playing Tony Hawk, don’t stop to gawk, I’m givin’ up this talk.

Who knew that the truth without love was just like dental work, it hurts,
Need a spiritual anesthetic, Jesus come and show me how to love, I’m not pathetic,
At least not with You, starting something new, findin’ me a crew, it’s so true.
Tired of the mud? Then get over it, slug through the muck, you’re not stuck, no bad luck.

I wanna see You like this, God: that the seeds I’m sowin’
In my garden are rewarding without making a bargain,
That they belong to me, and when I see, another leaf green,
I rejoice, lift my voice, singin’ to heaven like “Oh boy!” You give me joy.

See a new plant crops up, pushin’ through the dirt like a drill or a propeller prop,
Spreading little leaves in the breeze, waving happily with ease, you were just a seed!
Just a little ball of nothin’ turnt to somethin’, it’s amazing every time I see a new one.
So the seed becomes a tree, which blossoms every year, bearing fruit that’s true and clear.

Metaphors and similes,
Such sanguine smiles they give to me,
Wordplay is soliloquy in your periphery, not sanctity,
But if I’m slippin’ a meaning in, meaning that you’re seein’ in,
I’ma yell “I did it!” You can bet it, I would be indebted,
If I didn’t, but it stays hidden, because you cannot lift this burden.
But I can and I am because I Am said that I can.
Cannonball, vertical fall, at least I’m not careening off of the walls.
Not going to fall, I’m lifted is all, I am not so tall, I just wanna crawl.

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