No More

I’m a torch, but I’m not burning up,
I’m a bit scorched, but still not flaming out,
I’m a little bit wounded, it’s hard to forget, the regret,
I’m not sure how to defend it, but I’m no longer pretendin’.

This is ridiculous, I was so meticulous,
So careful, particular, but it felt apart so quickly and hurt.
And I’m weary, so totally tired of whinin’ about this trial.
I just can’t do this like I should, not tough enough, not from any hood.

I grew up on a farm, for crying out loud, get outta this sound,
Workin’ in a barn, ’cause we’re puttin’ food on the table that we earned,
And I don’t know ’bout you, but for me this is sure true:
I’m alive despite me because I believe, Jesus died for me.

Quit talkin’ about it, quit always goin’ on and on about it.
I can’t help it, I’m obsessed, and this stress is depressin’ but it’s lessened,
Yeah, learnt my lesson, goin’ to heaven, no more swimmin’ in this dispensation.
Learned a little secret, found out that I could beat this, got some sweet hits.

Realized if I quit this, would I be righteous?
Would that be what it takes? Just burnt flakes, grab the rake,
Stepping stones lined up in a row, but we all know what hides below.
Settled down in love, I’m not above all this, but I’m done.

See, if it was already dimished when He said it is finished,
Then who am I to pry the nails from my own dead body? It failed.
Now I’m more than my fleshly revival, God looks at the heart, it says so in the Bible.
And the life and growth that He rewards my faith and story with, so great.

So I don’t really wanna complain,
Engage the enraged, dismiss the profain,
‘Cause I can’t point the finger in disdain,
I cannot judge me better than my own stains.
So you see we’re equals, no matter what you do or believe,
It’s just that not believin’s got you seein’ things that are not freein’.
Fixated on what’s pixellated but it’s dedicated to a dead, mutilated head.
But I do that too, all the time, it’s true, I’m the fool, it’s me in need, not you.
See, I’m supposed to know better, I read the Letter, I live forever,
Not ignorant of this indignance, this peristance, never-ending resistance,
Can’t shift the blame from this frame, it’s all over me, I’m the one standing in blame.
But that’s washed off too, I’m made new, passed over from death to life, no more strife.
The peace inside me is sometimes impossible to breathe; when I’m in need, You pay my fee.

So I don’t wanna complain,
Committin’ this to Your Name,
This is my brand new refrain:
One day there will be no pain.


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