Hidden and Seen

Where can I go?
What stream can I follow?
How deep can I hide my soul?
Aren’t You always there, hands below?

I’m starting to think that I can realize
That it’s not as much the dirt in my nails as the look in my eyes,
I’ll wash my hands every day, God, but I cannot disguise,
The fact that I’m a man of lies, deep betrayal inside,
That without You, I’d be forever stuck in slough.

I can get caught in a tar pit, scuff my shoes on the carpet,
Pretend that I’m enlargin’ when really I’m just a bargin’,
Might get swept up in a bargain, I’m the enemy’s target.
But You’re always there to forgive, to lift me from this starvin’.

So what am I afraid of? You’re here.
Been singin’ that you love me since before I was near,
You’re my rock, my strength and my shield,
I can’t keep going like this, secrets like dandelions in a field.

So sick of complaining, this life’s not that draining,
I’m just maintaining this grave-slavin’, I cannot let go of this pain raving.
When I was six, it went like this, give it my all, never give up on this,
Still can’t remember what happened, what changed in my brain, paving
The way for more pain, for more fear and some hate,
Didn’t want to let this in, oh I committed a sin,
It was so long ago, but it’s impossible to swallow,
How can I tear this out of me, it’s my spine you see,
I am not a crippled mess, I am the culprit, I confess,
What am I gonna do? This is not just me and You,
I cannot go without You, what am I gonna do?

So unconfident in my predicament that I can’t even sit
Still from all this anguish, anxiety’s my whip lash.
AGH! Not here to complain,
Whining like the rain
Isn’t characteristically transient, wood burns to ashes,
What’s a cloud even? Water, dust and a bit of Roadrunner trust?
What’s knowledge keepin’? Just facts that keep changin’ in lust
Didn’t get up to make a fuss, I know that I’m more than a bus
That keeps running the same way in the same lanes like I’m insane,
So keep me from trusting in this pain, my disorder is not a game,
Can’t problem solve pain, troubleshoot, the moot’s my name.

But You. You never hide from this stew,
I may do what I do, but You’re sticking like glue,
You’re impossible to shake, Your love’s my vampire stake,
Here’s a fact, you can’t overtake the One who’s got the pow’r to make.

‘Cause everyone knows water just cannot be hotter
Than the source of heat, I’m talkin’ ’bout the Father,
A student cannot match his Master’s matchless fame.
No, all he wants to do is lift and glorify His name.

Wish I could take a permanent knee at Your feet,
Want You to be the only thing I can see.
Oh, if my front and center, my only You’ll be,
Then I’ll never fear, danger never draws too near.

You’re great, You’re awesome, You’re a fragnant, perfect blossom.
I’m a possum in this costume, but my value’s written in Your document,
Bought, paid for, completely exumed, my integrity’s in You.
Please let all that I do be to praise Your name in truth.


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