See it Clear

Wherever You want me.
That’s where I really want to be.
Can You help me see?

Wanna open my eyes and look like Habakkuk,
Wanna see clearly, not through a glass darkly.
Open these ears to hear past all the fear.

You’re like a garden that’s planted without burden,
Seeds scattered with reckless abandon, truthful but random,
Get up each morning to tend the trees, prune the leaves, intend to please.

The end of my staring in the mirror is drawing nearer, seeing a little bit clearer.
It’s not that my problem, I, isn’t rotten,, it’s that I’m brought in, why? Don’t deserve this.
What can I do then but offer service? I cannot swerve this, train on rails, worshipful observance.

Yeah, it’s an uphill climb, maybe, but this is fulfilling, slay me,
Let me, get outta the way, set me on the straight today. Let it play.
It’s worth the climb, scale the summit, don’t stop to check the time.

Starting to feel thankful for this backwards pull,
Thinking that I’m grateful for the waves that lull,
Falling’s my idea of miserable,
But I’d rather fall on my face than constantly be irritable,
Rather trip in this race than run the wrong way.
Mistakes made are life lessons’ serenade,
A skinned knee isn’t ever enough to stop seein’,
Sweet wisdom, wash these wounds with water, deep cistern,
This turn, I don’t want to stumble, watch these walls crumble, but God doesn’t fumble.
Just a bumble bee, buzzing the blossoms, fussing with my problems.
So if not for the fires I dread, yeah I’d rather be dead, but for this newfound Bread,
Negative incentive’s uninventive, but that’s never enough to prevent it from pretending.
But get armed, get dangerous, this is outrageous, blade sharper than a razor.
Hahaha, get rocking, this is your General talking,
Stomping ground’s all yours, so pick up your swords,
Let’s march and let’s deliver her, this Bridge of Christ’s incredible.
We are armed and we are dangerous, this isn’t strange for us, get out the way for us!
Step onto my territory, boy you’ll be sorry, your darkness, principality, is on its way to finality.
Kicking out and stomping on, these demons’ necks you filthy spawn,
This isn’t all just brute and brawn, did you know we slay with song?
You think it’s pathetic until it gets chronic, then you go along with it, but where’s the song in it?
Yeah, praisin’ His name, the devil thinks he took my only name,
Ha! Joke’s on him, this isn’t a time to wane or dim, sing a hymn,
Authority means more than just sitting on a throne of steel,
You cannot live your life this real.

I’m just sitting out here telling the truth.
So don’t spout off that you need more proof.
What’s a life if it doesn’t live out its use?
Am I too open a book for you to peruse?
I cannot speak it so I’ll try not to effuse
When I could just as easily let it take root.
When I could just as easily live for the Truth.


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