Spinning out the Reasons

Not sure what to say,
No idea what’s gonna come out today.
Doesn’t really matter anyway,
I’m just writing this for Yahweh.

Cool, okay, I think it’s okay to play,
In the sandbox, not the sad box, that’s like small pox,
But with words, buncha nerds, playing with dinky foam swords,
Oh well, it’s time that’ll tell, not your tattletale mindsets like wave swells,
Yelling at the voices in my head ’til they’re dead, that I’m on the mend.

It’s alright, not a fright, God’s here with me tonight,
Keep thinking that you’re readin’ this, heavy, heavy feeling fits,
But it’s pointless, don’t admit, nobody really wants a caliphate,
We’re just prancing ’round in circles, chanting curses, whisp’ring verses,
Didn’t expect this bubble to pop, look at time drop,
Quickly wand’ring propeller prop, veer off course, it’s centrifugal force,

“Why did we crash and burn?” ‘Cause it’s your heart prayers that you earn,
Don’t rubberneck, shoulder check, hit the deck, you’ll snap your neck,
But you overcorrect, understeer at high speeds without a check.
Screaming, “We want this, let us have it,” just kids in the back yelling “faster.”
Never realizing, never stopped for realignment, you can have what you want if you want it.

Just remember that time never stops, not for law or crime,
Keep in mind that gravity’s incessant, you cannot decompress it,
Bear witness to this, that it’s impossible to remove what exists,
Make one thing nothing, it quickly reverts to another thing.
Ever suck all the air out of a bottle? Then why you gasping at the throttle?
Vaccum space is the worst place for you to enervate, rearticulate your position is straight.
Sure, I’m listenin’ but you’re glistenin’, the sweat’s freezin’ on your reasons.

I want you to get what you want,
Get that? ‘Cause God says “That’s on track,”
Even He wants to see you breathe easy.
That’s why this is laid out, that’s what it’s about,
But if you wanna go left when you oughta go right,
Do you see a big Hand shaking finger for fright?
I’m not here to accuse you, never wanna abuse you, do not wanna say, “Obtuse you,”
‘Cause I know how far I fall ev’ry day, that’s not what I’m here to say,
Just trying to make some sense of the season, tryna explain this reason,
Let’s stop and hash it out, can’t we all concede this?

Oh, but you wanna clap shut,
Your rooster strut’s filling up the scuttlebut,
And you think you wanna know if you’re stuck in a rut, but,
When the truth gets sleazy, everyone’s lungs get weazy, this isn’t easy,
I can’t see the future, but of this I’m sure,
What you see going downhill’s not slowing down this year,
Gotta fix our eyes uphill or it’s all we’ll see.
If hell is screaming, then heaven must be beaming.
If Satan’s hopping mad, then I’m waiting on my Dad!

Saved forever, man, that’s how this goes.
You hear that, you worry, say just wait ’til he knows,
Just wait ’til the grass turns brown and the fields to fallows,
Been there already, bore fruit anyway, because this is my heartset, not the lifestyle you say,
So forgive me if I ignore your indignance and your words that sway,
I’m just a little busy, no time for your anger fizzy, only find life in one City.
Always, forever, in His service, what isn’t worth this?


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