Where, I Am?

Where’m I at, God?
What’m I gonna let out here, Lord?
I wanna do something that’s a shout,
And You know I don’t wanna sit here and pout..

Gotta get these fingers warmed up, it’s cold out here,
Never gonna lack hope, ’cause I’m not compelled by fear.
But I also don’t wanna stand where I can’t maintain that,
Don’t wanna pretend that I own land,
Not claiming family that’s not in my hands,
‘Cause I’m not from this place,
I grew up at a different pace,
And I’m not here to stomp around on ground that wasn’t mind to pound,
But let’s quit goin’ ’round, screaming loud, “This isn’t my town!”
I’ve said it all a million times, cried it out with all the lies,
This isn’t a life spent on “if I’d”s, let’s abide with the One Who calls us His bride.
I don’t have to change me, inconsistent maybe, grown man not a baby,
Sounds childish, but this is how I dish, I’m not a goldfish, maybe you wish,

So now I believe, and believin’s so freein’, I’m fangirl squeelin’,
Guess What I saw! Guess Who I met in awe, this is God:
There’s a Fountain, and there’s a Vine, and there’s One who turns water into wine,
There’s a City that is infinite, dimensions there irrelevant, no more elephant
In the room, leave my tomb, got no room for this doom, gloom, spoonfed swoon,
Life, abundantly, do you know what that means? Not talkin’ ’bout the queen
In her castle, not talking ’bout the man in his mansion, that’s not dancin’
On my grave. Not a slave anymore, I took my leave, my past tense can grieve.
So we rhyme, yeah, we give Him our time, all the time, maybe you’re not the kind
Don’t have the incline, but He’ll blow your mind, speak  on your inside that “You’re Mine.”

Constant and consistent assurance, this is our insurance,
Written in my heart, in my mind, no more darts,
Got a helmet on and you can’t meld this mind,
No more, nope, I’m more than just invincible,
I’m dang’rous, armed and ready, face it!

My fingers are numb, guess it’s dumb
To get up this early, sit outside like I’m hidin’ from the jury,
But if these fingers aren’t chancin’, then I’m out here dancin’
Can’t contain this passsion, this is all that I’m askin’
Let me keep keeping out here, let me never fall to fear,
You’re Good to my soul, Freshness for my goal.
Can’t let it go, couldn’t ever never lose hope.
Not anymore.


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