Between Us

Majesty, majesty,
Today’s for You, 100% true,
Let’s not talk ’bout me, let’s talk about You.

You put a song in my head when I awoke,
Got me thinking about more than how I’m broke,
So I wanna thank You for that, Dad, this is rad,
You’re not mad, You’re glad, You’re always gonna stand.

I don’t know,
I guess I’m not much good at any of this,
But God, You’re consistent, You’re persistent, You’re extra-existent,
I don’t need to worry, You’re here, I want You so near, oh hear!
Didn’t expect Your respect, expectation or blessing yet,
But You’re all over this, I’m Yours, they say that heaven is bliss, then what is this?
Just a day, some might say, but it’s Yours and that’s more than okay.
Created it, permeated it, handed it over and prayed over it,
I’ll take it, You’ll make it, might break it, but You dedicate it, my Creator.

This is between You and me,
This is between You and me,
Can’t cover it with a bowl, but I know,
This is between You and me.

If I could paint, it’d be You I portrayed,
If I could run, it’d be so we could race for fun,
If I could climb a mountain, it’d be for quiet to praise Your name,
I’m serious, not bragging this, this is Your life in me, Jesus,
You’re the reason I’ve lost my mean and unmerciful lesion,
I couldn’t credit anyone else, last I checked, You’re the First and the Last.
And You walk me step by step, through the valleys and the mountains, yep,
Not pulling a Wile. E. Coyote, now I’m Roadrunner, these gaps won’t snatch,
See me glidin’, I’m just ridin’, on your glory train, be the same!
Don’t devastate the fasters, don’t dedicate your prayers to a screen without answers,

I am a son of my fathers.
I am adopted by Father,
I am an ant on the shoulder of a giant,
A spark winking out almost before you notice.

This is between You and me,
This is between You and me,
Can’t put this light out, but I know,
This is between You and me.


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