I used to be younger than I am,
Not old by any stretch yet, thank I AM,
But this ice is melting slower than I can
Accept, but if I know anything, it’s that
I can’t do this on my own,
And I can’t live life over the phone.

See, this disorder is insidious,
Slithering through my inside out, not a doubt
That it’s in my mind, taking its time, living on my dime,
I am not a decrept, slapshod shack, and I’m not in shackles.
But this life, this churning, is a constant, lifelong battle,
Not worried, not afraid, now that I’ve got my mocker in chains.

It’s okay to be who I am,
It’s okay for me to live in this land.
It’s okay that I’m not as good as I can
Be, because it’s all I want, it’s who I am.
I’m here to be me, to live free, to lift His name and be
So free, so free, oh oh, so free!
No more need to redeem this seed, He says I’m not guilty!

Know what it’s like to find yourself without need?
Know what it feels like to start becoming who you ought to be?
Know what it’s like roll your everything off, unburdened knee?
Have you ever leaned back into His glory and thought you’d never leave?

Life, hope, I could get eloquent about this,
Trying not to preach, but I’m overcome that He is,
He died for my failure, rose for my victory, “My Jesus!” I scream.
Innocent, only love, he carried my shame, my blame, so I praise His name.

If the laws of physics had sway over your soul,
Could you really take control, puppeteer on your own?
If I drive too fast, I know I might crash, so why chance it?
Could there be a law that dictates the spiritual, what if?
Maybe that’s the Law, that if you don’t follow, things go to fallow,
Maybe that’s the Word of God, laid out clear to follow.

I’m not trying to preach, I’m laying out my case,
Ignore your proof ’cause it’s stuck against your roof,
If I disregard the consequences of my speed, I end up pretty quickly in hospital need,
If I pretend that police laws don’t portend, it’s not my bed but a cell where I end.
So why act like the law over your soul is any diff’rent?
Masquerading about in masks like it’s just math, fancy mustache,
Gotta be this way, can’t change it, careening today,
Are you kidding me? You’re slipping from your perch, pretending you’re in mirth.
Can’t pretend fingernails are for hanging off of only when it’s convenient, I mean it,
Grow your hair long to tie on and keep your pants up, man just wear what fits.

I get failing and falling on your face,
Some days, that’s my favourite place,
But all this strutting about, boasting and shout,
Man, what is that? You’re just a rooster in the pen,
Acting like your crow makes you more than a colourful hen.
Can’t even lay eggs, you’ve got no use, return to your own tragic noose.
I’m here for those like me, who cannot do this on their own, who cannot go back to their old home.
Got no time for time-wasters unless you’ve run out of time to waste.
Not here for the quitters, but nobody gets there in a haste.
This is slow, this is patient, this is one step at a time,
This is service, this is sacrifice, this is raising our Saviour high.
This is love, this is charity, that all day He’d be all we see,
We’re all here to praise His name, so get on this heav’nly train.
Can’t get over it, can’t paint over it, what’s true is true, no matter about you.


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