Stupid! So completely vapid, I,
Cannot seem to understand why
I am so messed up, haystack in my eye.
Man, this is pointless, why do I try?

Stomping, I’m stomping,
Getting this heat out on my balcony,
Stomping, I’m stomping,
Get this beat right out of me.

It’s a stupid, complicated song,
Gettin’ stuck in my head, life feels way too long.
I tried to get my brain around it, couldn’t find it, fell right through it.
Everybody else just tellin’ me I couldn’t do it.

It’s a frustrating, pointless curse,
If I’m not riding in the back, yeah, I’m drivin’ this hearse.
And when I start to panic, saying, “God you made a bad turn,”
I jump back out my coffin and I grab the wheel, “Now I’ll learn.”

Wrong, so wrong, this is just another sad song,
Can’t I find a way out of this, melodramatic and long?
Is this every day, why am I always hitting this bong?
‘Cause life is what it is, you smoke what you load up, it’s on.

Let’s drop this.

See it’s a simple, intercessive, signed petition that is written,
For instruction and indication toward life for you and me,
This is a race, yeah, sure, but it’s all about endurance,
It’s a broken and a contrite heart that draws life from a dry wind, start
Lookin’ up, seekin’ help, asking for the Father’s hand outta hell.
I’m not here to stear my fear into an interruptant sneer,
I can’t lift a hand if I also wanna stand,
This is all His plan, yeah, this is where I stand,
My God also became my Dad,

My God is all this,
My God is justice.
My God lifts up my face
Turns my eyes back to His embrace.
It’s not easy to run this race,
Running hazy’s gettin’ me weazy,
But smoke clears in the rain so get out the way.
Yeah, the rain clears out the heavy, ashen air so we don’t have to be beware,
It’s a heavy, brazen stare that refuses Sonshine air.

Life, life, I’ma breathe life!
God, God, I’ma serve God!
This! This! I want this!
My God, my God, you give me bliss.


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