This is Work

This is tough,
Not gonna lie, this is heavy,
Gritty, dirty, real life stuff,
Little much sometimes, are you ready?

See, there’s a powerful contradiction,
Words spoken in contra-indication,
Sick man’s just a tin man, stick man, check for his vocation.
And I’m genuinely surprised, hadn’t surmised, didn’t blink my eye, straight in.

See, I’ve actually got something to say,
Really, honest, it’s on my heart today.
Get out of the way, your rules and your religion stay,
Clog up the gates, get out of my way, you hate.
I’m not against you, but you’re not the fence too.
I’m not against you, but this is your offense. True.

When God says say something I say it,
When God says, “Go to this place,” I go to it,
I’m not any good at this, I’m just doin’ it,
I’ve never accomplished, been decorated,
Been apprecated for service I’ve dedicated,
I’ve never checked all the boxes, can’t hunt all my foxes,
Breathin’ in and checkin’ in and making sure I’m not justifying my debt in
Anything I do, say or think, I’m not here to make a stink,
This is just my calling, Listen, speak or pray, but wait on Him each day,
The truth stands on its own, this is not a path I walk alone,
Every sunrise stands out, sunset never goes down without a shout,
Layered cloud of masterpiece, this isn’t it, but it’s a piece. Peace.

So let me talk, correct my walk and don’t put me on the spot,
I’m not spouting off from anxiety, this is just me being me,
Yeah, it’s going home in the afternoon that trips me out and makes me brood,
It’s the way you talk, cut, swords and knives, sadistically entertaining bloodlust inside.

I don’t need your validation, but your unappreciation
Is a weight I never thought I’d get to carry, this is harrying, I’m just parrying.
Aren’t you old, wise and full of truth? Why then, brute? What’s your fruit?
Maybe there’s a reason why they used to circumcise, getting your hands dirty working on my insides.

Life should be humbling, not full of grumbling,
This world isn’t full of sin the way you spin, isn’t this how you wanted it,
I’m not here to stab knives in, but your lies skin this knee of mine and I
Just care, just want to see the truth take lair, live life, don’t just do your hair.

I am not a tin man,
I am not your defense and,
I am not the One who contains you in one hand,
I am not the only bullseye you’ve ever panned.
You tell me mercy is for losers, but you kick me when I lose it,
You call me blessed and full of hope but you’re stringing up a rope.

I’m not a cigarette butt for you to snuff,
I’m not the embers of a campfire or the subject of your ire,
If you’d just listen you might see, I’m just tryna care for you and me,
If you would listen, you would see, I’m done throwing knives to make you bleed.

It wasn’t judgement that hung on the cross,
It wasn’t agony, anguish or even righteousness,
It was mercy, full blown, pedal to the metal kindness,
‘Cause mercy trumps judgement,
Eleven times out of ten.
‘Cause mercy triumphs o’er judgement,
Every time out of ten.


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