Trying to get myself right,
If I could get my head straight it’d be real nice,
Yeah I’m lookin’ at the sky, June sun is rising, feel a bit like ice.
Not tryna worry, there’s no hurry, but I already threw the dice.

When the numbers roll upside face,
When the moment’s too real to embrace,
When you count your tally, feel that bad taste,
When you see you’ve come up short, maybe life’s a waste.
I can’t do this! Can’t I do this?
Why can’t I do this? I can do this!

Ugh, I’m not here to give up, incessant thoughts, stop,
Do I know what I’m working to get out of this meager crop?
Am I here to pick the weeds or am I here to sow seed, grow up?
This basket’s full of grain, not a sour-smelling slop.

Now I didn’t decide to get up out of bed,
To defend, to intend, to make mysef pretend,
That this is overcomable, pop your bubble, portent,
But it’s coming through a diff’rent way, get out the way, God’s hand.

Don’t know why I’m doing this, I’m just screwing this up,
Not sure what I’m playing at, but this is old hat,
Old and familiar, complacent but too fast,
Distracted by bees when I’m surrounded by gardens, relax.


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