Hit the brakes!
Stop the car!
Open the door and chuck out the hard,
Heavy goneby days and awkward haze,
No more!

Not here to answer the door so quit ringin’ the bell,
I didn’t get here to stay here or be locked away without help,
Three forty-five in the AM, sharp like a knife, this is my life.
Keep wond’ring why if I have it all I’m still whining and grinding like it’s all gonna fall.

Oh well.
Oh well.
Just wait, just wait, back up without haste,
Walking in peace takes a piece of a patience that’s released,
Not from below and not from within, some things are sent straight from heaven.

Didn’t wake up to start.
Didn’t get out of my bed this morning falling apart,
Yeah the screaming, the wacko inside, I think a part of him died.
Overnight, yep,, best part of my life, those lessons get writ, no more dying in strife.

Guess Who’s there every morning with a greeting from my snoring?
Guess What awaits me every day if I just take time to stay?
Yeah, getting up to listen’s not what this is, I’m just waiting, tryna keep from bad decisions.
But who knows what Who might do for you, ’cause this quiet’s full of silence and the truth.

Found a way to face my own reflection and it’s not from you or me.
Found a home to rest my feet, a Safety place from fear.
Get up every morning now to set my hope in glory,
Life and life abundantly, mercy, hope and goodness me!

Best Friend, Confidant.
Helper, Healer, Spirit Correspondant,
Bleeder for me, You died to be
My Saviour and You set me free.
Don’t care who’s judging, You judged best.
Doesn’t matter what’s bugging, Your mercy trumps wrath.
Your mercy trumps wrath.

Not here to make a statement,
Yeah this basement’s full of baggage,
If I can’t engage, let me calibrate,
If I can’t stay bright, then billow, blow and bolster,
Wanna maintain this flame, not a handgun in a holster.

So fan the flame, quit playin’ the blame game,
Take a step back, aim, see it’s all for the same Name,
More time spent training for His glory and His fame,
Just ride by, hidden in His perfect sacrificial claim.


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