This is just a reminder to myself,
Today’s a good day but I can’t do this without help.
Did you hear that, self? Listen up!
No matter how I try, I still won’t do enough!

So it’s okay,
It’s okay,
Picking from the tree of life today,
All that knowledge of good and evil’s fading away.

Starting to see that it’s realer to be set free in love than infallability,
Yeah I think I’d rather be eyes open on love, not mine, this is given from above.
Yeah, I’d rather be working in the field than just keeping my eyes peeled,
Rather be stuck with pain and feeling than getting caught in what I’m seeing.

Not here to whine,
Not here to tell you or imply
That you’re not enough, or that you’re caught in stuff,
I think if honesty prevails, we know that everyone has failed.

So what’s left for me but to believe
In the Hand that holds mine, that set me free?
Keep saying the same thing, just listen to me,
Can you scream the name of Jesus for no reason?

Woke up too early, June, so morning dark, hark!
Caught in dysphoria, nightmare leftovers, hooks torn up,
Heard a voice, said, “Come hang,” so I jumped outta bed, “Sure thing.”
Now I’m sitting here remembering that I don’t want to miss a thing.

So help me, Jesus.
You guide me through this.
Your Name means “Safety.”
Now I can walk bravely.

Your Name means “Safety,”
So I can walk bravely.


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