Poke the Bear

I’m gonna tell you a story,
Make it stick, like that, not sorry,
Tacking down words like it’s absurd, turnt inward, burnt, sinward,
‘Bout the time I poked the bear, I swear, scout’s honour, I declare,
See, he so skizzily snuck up to me, sneakin’ in words sideways ’til I was weak-kneed, in need,
Kept turning me upside down, flipping me up, setting edge on edge, endless doorjam wedge,
Not here to be appropriate, appropriate a different approach, infinitely approbate.

So I hauled up my courage, took a step at Discourage,
Huge needle in hand, hauled up like a lance, let’s dance,
Strength for one jab, stuck him good with it, now get rid of it,
Not sure why I did that, dang’rous carnage will impact, this is inevitable, contract,
Can’t run quick enough, dumb, can’t hide hidden enough, heart drum,
Not sure why I’m scared, feel it’s breath though, run from the past, it’s gonna hit. Oh!
This isn’t working, gotta quit shirking, there’s another way through this, I’m searching,

Dead end’s just a wall to put your back against, past tense can’t pretend it’s endless,
Just a tent worm gone full moth, you’re horror without armour, clumsy, useless, crush.
Was there a spine in that mush? Didn’t see it, won’t pretend I didn’t feel that,
When’s the next one gonna hide in disguise, spraying paint in my eyes, surprise?
Where’s he gonna plant his red eyes? Oh my, it’s inside, run and hide, please, Guide,
Too inward turnt to perceive it’s just a burn. Yeah the flame’s already out, been worse,
Maybe if I looked another way I’d find some salve to soothe the heat away.

So I’m striving toward clarity, bat’ling hard against nefarity,
Bear’s not dead, no, it always rears its head,
When I’m close, when I’m far, even when it’s not that dark,
It’s a constant, endless battle to pretend I’m in the saddle,
But there’s hope and there’s consistency, I just need to need to see,
War goes on for centuries, but I’ve got eyes on Mystery.
Think this is the way, think I just found hope today.

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