Well now,
Well now,
What’s today like?
What’s it look like to wait without spite?

Well I woke up with it today,
Free gift, not my credit to take,
And to you it’s just a good mood, to me it’s desperate respite, don’t mess with it,
I’m not here for the irritant, the beligerent, insitent beyond persistence, voiceless existence,

Survival mode’s gone full blown grown-in-fath home phone,
The infinitely shy, way too high, gigantic elephant is taking his last breaths, YES!
You cannot put life back in a vessel that’s falling apart, it’s a start, get the cart,
Weight’s off my chest, straightjacket’s a vest, handcuffs become cuff links,

Don’t ask me about tomorrow, ’cause it’s way to way too far away,
Just a few months ago, couldn’t go ahead ten minutes, now I’m here, and in it,
Skin of my teeth, but I’ve been skimmin’,
And this water’s got chop but I’m still up top, won’t stop, full prop,

Peter dancing on water, centurion crying “just point!” It’s done, will not disappoint.
So don’t worry about me no more, yeah that part of my life’s a dreadful bore,
Gonna get started on what I departed from, get going on what I was doing once,
Today’s brand new,
It’s brand new.


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