Cup With a Door

I’m coming unhinged,
I’m starting to binge,
Every time I wake up, I groan ’til I cringe.

Yeah it’s failure,
Yeah it’s failure

If I pick up a glass, I’ll spill it,
If I empty the trash, I fill it,
When I lift my arms, they hit the ceiling,
When I drift asleep, yeah, I list without feeling.

Open me up,
Crack open the door,
Come peer inside,
Pick cracks in the floor,
Creep, sneek, beleagure with grief,
Lemme close my eyes for a minute,

I’m a glass with swinging doors,
I’m a cup without a floor.
I’m an open, ugly sore,
Call me what I am, a sinful whore..

Troublemaker, my name from Day One.
Don’t call me Jeremy anymore, call me Bothersome Bore.
So afraid of getting in the way that I try to save the day.
So petrified of panic that I perpetuate, organic.

This isn’t an attempt at work,
This is blood pouring out hurt.
This isn’t supposed to be pretty,
This is just gauze, therapy.

So let me work.
So let me work.
Quit cracking the door,
Quit popping the lid.

Come pry before my time is nigh,
And I promise you’ll get steam in the eye.
What’d you expect, what’re you perfecting?
A ship’s bound to sink if you drill it from the bottom.

Why you drilling anyway?
Put your useless tools away.
You’re not here to save the day,
You’re trying your best to look the other way.

“Yeah, come talk to me,
“Open up to me, you’ll see,””
Your gossip game’s up, oh referee,
Every time I open up, it’s me you bleed.

I’ve got a Confidant,
I know who to enquire of,
I’ve got a few good people,
Who I promise I admire, love.

Yeah, what’re you playing at?
What’re you playing at?

Pick at my scabs like you’ve got none,
Pull at my threads like you’re not sweaterbare.
Muffle through your scruff, I oughtta scuttle this stubble,
Grossly inadequate, I’m, and you can’t be any different.

Set it aside, let’s,
Set it aside, let’s see what we need,
Let’s see what we need instead of this greed,
Instead of this greed, set sights on the need,
We’re gonna get through this, in time, just believe,
Believe that we’re moving through waters like flood.
Waves crashing, flames thrashing, wind lashing,
Won’t be here long, let’s get focused on,
What’s real and what’s really happening here.

Oh don’t pick at my wounds,
Don’t tell me this cut is gonna festoon,
Don’t give me a piece of your mind,
I’m busy!

Just let me work.


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