Trunk of treasures

Trunk of treasures,
Filled to full measure,
We’ve got to hide today,
They’ve come to steal you away.

Not ready but the fog’s too heavy,
Fought eager but my promises are meager,
Didn’t mean to let you down, let everybody see your frown,
I’m just one step too far on black ice, detour right…

Now it’s out and now you know,
I’m just another crazy, everything I see is hazy,
Cover him with grains of salt, add injury to insult,
Don’t take him at his word, ’cause half he says is absurd.

I don’t mean to complain,
I really wanna refrain
From making a stink,
I’m already reeling from drink.

But there’s an awful trap, snap, clap shut, can’t backtrack,
Stuck in a rut that’s a one way but for the brazen scuttlebutt,
Does it matter if it’s true that I say I can feel you bleeding me?
So there it is laid out, trampled flat, I’m worn out, no doubt.

Not without hope, but this one’s a rope
To pull, faith without fail, I will prevail,
When you knock me on my back,
You get to see the facts,
I’m the kind that bounces back,
And gets set right back on track
No matter how often I fall flat.

So I’m here, in the mirror,
And I’m there under your stare,
But you’re not here when it’s bare,
You’re just blades everywhere,
And salty only when I’m faulty,
Like I’m getting you somewhere.

Rediagnosis is in order,
Don’t care, just no more bullseye disorder,
Doc, you gotta help me, let it be,
Let it be.


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