I don’t like to complain,
From the negative, I wish I’d abstain,
But this question looms so close and near
What did I do to deserve here?

Early years to regret,
Infinity to fret,
Barbed wire entanglement,
Old habitual enlightenment,
Until I learned to resent,
Until habit got reset,
Until I was all beset,
Fake shadows now, I’ll bet,
Carved in stone nonetheless.

See I’m over the past,
Yeah, it wasn’t a blast,
But I’m not hung up on what’s left,
Feels empty, sure, but I’m not bereft,
So why all this mad, empty clamour?
Why all this fervent, mad chatter?
Dear mind, oh fervent Mad Hatter,
You’re just this side of a bad bladder.

Be still, dear mind,
Dear Solace, entwine,
I don’t wanna lose my mind…


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