Sunrise, you’re a sight for sore eyes,
Surmise, you’re illumination divine,
Surprise, you’re my insight, Benign.

Clouds break at break of day,
Scattered to wander, return or stay,
“Come break my heart,” was the whisper yesterday.
“I’m here to stay,” says the Good One, always.

Serpents, scorpions, and minefields unseen,
No, nothing can separate or stand in between,
Crush with the heel barbed snare of enmity,
Reduce down to withering dark storm wind so empty.

Victory without vengeance, silence in tow.
Sheep led to slaughter, yet never alone,
Life is the silver lining, heaven’s enthroned,
The hope for one day to finally know.

Sunshine, you’re growth, warmth and light,
Soon mine, I’m Yours, to grow and delight,
Son of Man, shine, You’re my only light.


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