Let’s panic!
Panic! I’m manic!

See, doc, I’ve got a problem,
Seems like I’m just a hobblin’,
My back bears a horrible goblin…

Puppet strings of piano wire,
Garrotte my throat, funeral pyre,
Every corner turned is ambush in ire.

Cigarettes, coffee, marijuana green,
Set me free from this horror movie scene,
If I can’t breathe in, at least I can scream.

Numb the pain, phantom limb of mind,
Ghostly audition, this anguish, crime,
Can you split me from these bones of mine?

The flesh doth burn with fire white,
Mind’s carpeted with blood and fright,
Can you find me a solution, Mr. Right?

I’m sorry my blood gets on you, dear friend,
But you’re standing too close to help me mend,
Stare at the roots, but the fruit can’t be to tend.

See, I’m crowded in on every side,
Seems these demons love to make me cry,
Seeding soul with hurt, they bleed me dry.

So what should I do? Toss the crutch?
Next time it’s baseball bat corner, what? Hunch?
If I wanted to careen madly, would I eat lunch?

I promise what’s invisible is no less real.
I guarantee what you can’t see is still the deal.
I swear that this hurts when I say it hurts, cartwheel…

Yeah, now I’m just doing the dance,
Make you happy, watch me prance,
Maybe finally I’m not a boil to lance.

Personas propogate protest of propriety,
Lamed lovers lick lasciviously at long-armed laws,
But bear the burden beyond bureaucracy, bandit.
Cherish the trapped, chipped and choked. Charity.
Venerate vivaciously volumes of veritable virtues,
Impossibly impotent, infinitely introverted, inverted…
Tell me tales of terrible trial and tribulation, Troubler.
Lift my lustful longing for listing longitudinally,
Sever severe slivers of spirit, soul, sorrowful soliloquy.

Get manic, just panic.


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