I didn’t know
Forgive me, oh,
I didn’t know
I just wanted to sow.

Now I’m beginning to see,
That it’s not about you or me,
That I can’t do to be,
That I gotta see to be free.

I’m sorry
I didn’t know, oh,
I’m sorry…

I’ll be quiet, I will.
Your white-hot hammers fall still.
You never stopped to ask, you killed.
You never took me aside, your thrill.

But I’m sorry
I’m sorry, oh,
I didn’t know.

My laundry wasn’t yours to do,
This quarry is nothing like yours,
Where you look for quartz, I mine ore.
Where I revel in peace, you call me whore.

I’m really sorry
I didn’t know, oh,
I’m really sorry.

Put away your blades, oh flesh,
Put away your anger, be blessed.
I’m not your enemy, I confess,
Sometimes the broken get undressed.

I’m sorry
I didn’t know
I’m sorry

Why did you think it was okay?
Who said you could cut me this way?
I’m not going to make it out today,
Please, just go your own way.

I’m really sorry,
I didn’t know.
I’m really sorry.


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