I’ve been digging too deep,
Been looking too far to see,
I dove into my mind, tragically.
Now all of me is memory.

I’m a little worried that I took a wrong turn.
I’m a little worried this is a grave or an urn,
Yeah, did my roses turn into marigolds?
When did my prose start offending your nose?

Where you see failure, I promise there was effort.
Where there are ruins, once stood a hewn fort.
But whose business is it when leaves fall at harvest?
Who’s judging when I put forward my best?

Not one stone atop another…
Not one stone atop another…

Just coal one day to be a diamond,
Just an orchard in promising blossom,
Just grass still brown from winter’s cold,
Just a silver lining, sun breaking cold shadow.

This morning I got out of bed to see
If my fields were ready yet, abundantly.
Come, Beloved, let’s go down,
Let’s see if there’s fruit on the ground.

Not yet, maybe, take time to see,
Some eyes are only used internally.
Yeah, though I see through glass darkly,
I can see enough to know He’s with me

Who needs harvest season
When the Gardener’s your Reason?
Who can speak to please Him,
Except in self-mutinous treason?

If it’s hard to understand,
Difficult to comprehend,
Please know that things not argued with,
Like sun and tide and wind,
Are moved by more than whim or chance,
There is order to the cosmic dance.
Can we really not be entranced
When we see even the moon doesn’t wear pants.

What’s hidden that isn’t a treasure?
What’s held close that isn’t pleasure?
What’s buried isn’t mapped without measure
What’s concealed was done so to be revealed.

See, you can draw shapes in the sky,
Connect the stars to be your guide,
Make a man, lion, scribe, whatever you decide,
A constellation’s just lines.
But the stars were already there,
You’re just connecting the dots where
They were always meant to be, declare
The glory of a God who placed with care
And spun perfectly, without a star to spare.

I’m just a car on the highway
And I’ve learned the dash isn’t my play
Book, it’s the Windshield today.
See, it’s free now, He paid my way.

Man, I gotta glorify Yahweh!
Man, I gotta glorify Yahweh!


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