Come See!

There is a light rising,
Brighter than the sun.
Tinging pink, purple, orange, the horizon.
A new tide is rising, come worship the Son.

Sorry if I jumped in early; I’m sure I was late.
I know I blew out in a hurry; some things don’t abate
I could waste more time chasing my own justification,
But I know that hell is not where you find restoration.

So let it be,
Take it from me
I’m happy being who I see,
Not you or someone you think I ought to be,
Just me, Jeremy,
And I’d be enough for you, you’d see
If your mind wasn’t tangled around changing me.

So just shut up and come see.
So just shut up and come see.
You’re all words, unwelcome, puffed up, intangible,
Man, words are curtains you draw around you, your Bible.
Except everything you say just keeps changing.
One minute my opinion’s my own, the next you’re raging.
Telling me I’m intolerant, like what I say somehow trumps what I’m doing.
Ugh, take a look around at yourselves, who else are you fooling?

Do I get to complain about the rain?
Do we really get to push the blame
Back off of ourselves, man that’s so lame.
Who do we think we’re violating if we’re all the same?

So my question to you is this:
If you’re after what the Bible says, why risk?
And if it’s nothing to you, don’t you dare tell me to quit.
I thought the spiritual wasn’t scary, you’re too intelligent.

Oops, I should back off.
I’m a fireplace poker, not a chimney cough.
But man I get so riled,
When I see what we’ve reviled.
Somebody show me mercy,
I’m only saying “Come, see!”


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