I’m Okay

Oh vessel, that you could see outside yourself.
Oh mirror, that your mountings were just a shelf.
Paintbrush, so arrogant, is your handle speckled by merit?
Can a flag gain prowess and flap itself, don’t dare it!

Arm so long your itch cannot be scratched,
Can your bootstraps lift you out of the mud?
Arm so long your itch cannot be scratched,
Sharpen the hilt, hands adorned with blood.

Oh did your long arm stretch,
What far call did it heel?
That it should reach to this wretch
Blistered skin to peel.

Your finger lies upon my toe,
Arm stretched to miles of bone,
Flesh and sinew, laid vulnerable in throes
Of vindictive mercy, great harvest hoe.

Though welcomed by heart, your nails rip anew.
Recognized by love, safe face, suddenly turned rageful,
Silence is a trick, solace is melancholy reviewed.
Friends of Job, counsellors mine, so hateful…

Withdraw from me, pull shoulder back to socket.
Frail fingers on crippled limb can put no stop to it,
What’s broken has to heal, the pain, don’t mock it.
Take back your arm from me, so I don’t walk on it.

Too much dust in the eye,
Think it’s time for goodbye,
But I gotta think, “Who am I?”
So it’s crumbs in my eye,
But I’m not a tree guy!
So why, oh my, just lie
Down and scream it all goodbye.

Oh heart, dear me, what burdens you so?
Sticks and stones hit bones, not spirit, soul!
You’re here to praise, not to wallow
In mire so thick, ship got stuck inside a bottle.

No more, no more, please.
Can’t you see? Look at Me!
There’s more to this than what I see,
And man far be it from me!
To tell you what’s supposed to be
Yo I can’t hate that when I know I’m flat
On my face in front of God, my Habitat!
I’m not tryna preach, God knows I hate that,
But these words, they started tumblin’ and now I can’t backtrack!
See, I’m more than just a trip over your empty bear trap,
Yeah I’ve been given more than wishy washy promises, you can take that back!

I hold onto more than fingers at the end of a long rope.
And though I wish I could pry loose, you know I’ve still got hope.
It wasn’t me who brought me here, it’s not me who leaves.
You cannot control Sovereignty like you can someone who screams.

See I’m submitted,
I’m yielded,
I’m walking on palm branches
Because of Who paid the debt for me
Yeah broseph now I’m free!


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