Don’t Preach!

Don’t say that, don’t!
Quit tryna offend me!
I don’t wanna hear what you seem to think’s the truth,
Man you’re feeding me hate, stop and negotiate.

See this is where we run into problems, problems.
I’m allowed free speech as long as I don’t step up and preach!
Man that’s not a freedom gate, that’s a revolving door with no exit,
You think I like hearing myself say it’s a sin to be gay?

Yo, what possesses you to think your problems are bigger than my own?
You think I think that my anxiety is somehow less a sin to me
Than what you’re doing when you’re sitting in your dorm, oggling at porn?
If that’s the case, your head’s far up in space, and all this talking’s just a waste.

What do you think brought me to nothing left?
Was it pain medicine, was I not ready to admit to sin?
Was it my inability to cope quietly like society so silently insists?
Obviously not, you know it takes more than that to make a man choke.

See there has to be more to life than a carrot bouncing off your nose.
I just won’t take another bite until You take out the razor blades.
Oh tell me there’s more to life than white knuckles around the stem of a rose.
Tell me that I don’t have to wear a suit that wasn’t tailor made.

‘Cause I’m a funny shape and no amount of tape
Can put me back together in a fashionable way.
And though it took awhile, now I see that it’s okay.
That there is another Way to see your problems Go Away.

And I know nobody likes it when I preach,
And I know nobody likes it when I brag,
And I know nobody likes it when I insist,
But there’s no room for argument.

In the blink of an eye, goodbye said suicide!
Though it comes back sometimes to crack my blinds,
Now that I’m Full, it stays outside.
I’m busy in here, watching my Father’s prize.

Prize without disguise,
Treasure without measure,
Glory without envy,
Honour that He bought her!

See now it’s not about performance.
Buddy, now it’s just inheritance!
So we enter in His courts with praise
Because He’s given us back our days!

Ohhh goodbye suicide, you and your lies!
Goodbye hell with all your stories to tell!
Goodbye lust, they’ll never find you just!
And fare well stairwell to hell!

I’m alive, strife got wiped!
I’m washed clean, Satan got beaten!
I’m made pure, heart clearer than azure!
Innocent, God paid every cent.


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