Just write, just spew,
Don’t worry if it’s new.
If it’s proved, if it’s grooved,
If it’s grounded in what’s true,

Then we wave it like a flag,
Grocery store, receipt in the bag,
On the sidewalk, a quick smile, talk
To the old lady walking her dog.

Little things, hidden things,
Confounded and obscured in
Holy Spirit, working in man,
Enabled in, by faith, no sin!

See I’m starting to realize
You can’t close a case with zip ties,
You can’t have more inside than you allow outside,
A bucket so big cannot exceed its sides.

And the more I want of God Almighty,
The less I behold as precious to see.
The more I witness my Father’s glory,
The more like Him I wanna be.

Twelve months ago, I fell on my face in despair.
I said, “God, I just can’t take this, suicide, I swear!”
I desperately wanted to plummet through air,
And leave in peace, my heartless stare.

“Try me,” He whispered, “Try Me first.”
My hunger, He said He’d cleanse, my thirst.
My weakness, He said He wouldn’t curse.
Brokenness, He promised, is to nurse.

“Your pride I condemn,” He said with joy.
“Your life I affirm, beloved boy!
“I can handle everything, even your employ.
“Hand Me all your burdens, for Me to destroy.””

I said God I need my medicine,
I said God please take my floundering,
I said God I am my medical sin,
He said “Nonsense, there’s no such thing. ”

“What’s medicine but food, cane or eyeglasses?
“What’s a Defender of the Weak if he just lays lashes?”
He said, “The weak don’t fall short of my graces.”
He is the Great Protector, hider of sad faces.

So in Him I put my trust,
And it’s not because I must.
You see, love gives life to dust,
Just because it can not because it’s just!

So donkey, donkey, low and humble,
If you strut, bray, into briar stumble,
Remember Whose burden you’re under,
Remember, this yoke is not easy plunder!

Forward, forward, always through.
No longer do I stop when I see an issue,
Instead I take steps forward, do you have a tissue?
I’m cutting through these onions, hope I don’t depress you.


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