All Hail!

How can I lift You up?
How can I bring glory to Your Name?
I know anything I do is meager.
I know there’s nothing I’ve put on the table.

All hail
All hail.
Who cracks the heavens with lightning whip?
What billows send forth wind and rain?
Who strikes the match to ignite volcano?
Whose boot strikes so that the earth shakes?

That name, that Name, oh precious refrain,
That Jesus came to save me from my pain.
Now when you say His Name, that lovely, perfect Name,
I can hear my heart sing along and and fill up my frame
With love, joy, peace and holiness!

Now that’s not bragging
I’m scaffolding that’s sagging,
I’m waterlogged, your baggage.
A pair of pants without a button.
I’m a belt with one too few holes,
A collar with impossible crease.
The shoe that hangs rebellious tongue outside,
A piece of chalk too short to save your nails.

Oh but that’s why I get to be
So full of joy and so happy!
See the belt without holes got them,
The crease is suddenly ironed out,
Shoes behaving, chalk nails saving, dry luggage set!

Oh when I see You,
Oh when I hear You call my name!
What reward can compare,
What temptation likewise ensnare?

I’ve got a secret for you
I’m gonna tell it now, so listen up dude!
Jesus took my heart transplant in hand,
Took me out of fire into pasture.

Owe Him everything!
Owe Him everything!

I wanna do more…
I wanna do more…


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