You’re an open book,
A spring just uncovered,
A pane yet unsmudged,
You’re yesterday’s promise,
Tomorrow you’ll be memory.

You could be the day I die,
Or the day I learn to fly.
You could reward my sparkling eye,
Or turn and make me wish I died.

Who are you today?
Yesterday was anxiety.

Oh cast it all upon the Lord
Oh cast it all upon the Lord.
Yeah, alright, I’ve done that twice!
And I’ll do it again, because He works!
But I’ve still got this horrid, dark, dank, empty sadness feeling.
See some things you think are emotional pain
Are just the tortured mind screaming that everything hurts.

If your nose bleeds, do you apply Band-Aid?
If you have a black eye, do you wrap it in gauze?
Hey, whatever works, don’t get me wrong.
But today just keeps on telling me this is all that you think.

Oh today, you could run away.
We could go far from this place.
Really, who needs yesterday?
Oh lift me up, let me stretch my wings.
Oh it’s all I long to hear my Father say,
“Well done, well done, good faithful servant!”
Today, today, maybe you’re today.
The miracles you guarantee we’ll finally see.
That lovingkindness will come and save the day.
Oh come close come close draw near.
I really need my Jesus today!

The broken, the afflicted, the crushed and downtrodden,
When you know what the word Help means, it’s on your lips all day.
We can rise above all this, walk on water just like Jesus did.
Your emotions are distractions and they’re getting in your way.
So I fix my eyes on Yahweh and fill up on thanksgiving.
Because Jesus paved my way, yeah I’m all His today!


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