Mirror Mirror…

I wish you could hear you.
I wish you had a better view.
So you could see your finger pointed at me.
So you’d perceive yourself in revelry.

Don’t you see when you give up on me,
You’re stealing back patience, saying we won’t make it.
You’re all finger guns, rat-a-tattle-rat, take that.
If I had a hangnail, you’d take it to the grinding wheel.

See, if I’ve something to say, I know I gotta make it quick.
Talking on anxiety is often black ice slick.
So if I’ve said it once, just check that once before
Stirring up calamity, I’m in the grocery store!

Man I wanna be more reliable.
Man I really wish I was valuable.
If I’m a canary, let me sing.
If I am an ostrich, return me to the sand.

I’m just a lump of coal somebody told could one day be a diamond.
So please excuse me if you catch me practicing my shining.

But you can’t use for an excuse something that’s effuse
With faith and hope and majesty to God on highest.
See some things can be turned miraculously to my Father’s glory,
And when you assume that I’m asinine, you muzzle this ox while threshing.

So yeah I got upset,
And I’m sorry about that,
But man, I still choose carefully
Words not checked start fires.


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