Fight or Flight

Don’t sit down to write again!
Hey listen you, put down that pen!
You know, I think I’ll be just fine.
Jesus is with me, it is our time.

Lord, dear Lord,
I need You more today
Oh, than I did yesterday.
So much more,
So much more!

See, some days my anxiety barely bothers me.
There’s a background tension, sure, but it’s not appendicitis.
And then I have a floor day, week or month, it’s hard to see,
But this pain that wasn’t yesterday is acute like tendonitis.

Now I know that I can see
Straight through the pain.
I know when God is with me,
I can walk through it like rain.
And it’s better this way,
Because there is nothing like fog
To get you listening, His Way
To save you from the slog.

Hey hey hey, today
Hey hey hey, today,
When you hear His voice, just listen
Yeah if you hear His voice, perk up!
The Great Almighty doesn’t play,
When He says it’s today,
So listen up and follow Him,
He gives life abundantly!

Did you know you can be rich without money?
Did you know that you can live without worry?
Did you know that only God can separate what’s heavy?
Did you know that even soul will split from bone?
Did you know His Word is true to see right through your pain?
Did you know that what’s invisible is still never impossible?

If I stick a bag on my head, can You see me?
If I roll up in blankets, do You perceive my form?
If I wallow deep underground, am I too far from You?
If I bleed myself dry, am I too dusty for Your breath?
Can this valley refuse Your Word?
Can dry bones say to their Maker, “No.”?
Can a string tie itself into knots?
Can lungs heave without a diaphragm?

It’s not easy,
It’s so hard…
To look past yourself and see what God is doing,
But man, man, man oh man, look at Him!
Your problems smear the windshield, but He’s got your bug wash.

So my brain keeps telling me that I wanna die.
The road’s more important than what’s got me on the fly.
So I won’t trip, I think I’ll change the station.
This fight or flight’s ridiculous, it’s just imagination.

Holler if He bled for you!


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