Far Distant Thought

For sweet flashbacks in minds that know only knives.

Lo, soft crawling memory.
From where have you come?
I know you distant and piercing bright.
Now you shirk so near, my fright.

Behold one summer day,
Quiet with winds tussling hair,
Oh Mother, dear Mother
Through kitchen window see.
Fair Mother, so dear, that tender smile.
Twenty-four years ago, this memory, mine.

Oh so far, thou yonder trembling,
Memory too sweet for mind tortured thus.
Unattainably removed to either direction,
Too close to thrust from mindful vicinity.

Oh memory sweet.
Oh memory bright.
Your tears will cease.
You torrent slow.
Underneath the wing
Of God Almighty,
Your life in His now, true.
Your fears to Him,
Your troubles too.
Messiah covers you.


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