Dear God

Dear God,
I’m really not trying to be like this.
Everything I do seems hit or miss.
And if I look too long, even hit’s pointless.

It’s like it’s all the same play play the blame game.
Let’s take a quick look at everything I’ve done wrong.
Oh man now let it take you down down to the ground.
Microscopic my accomplishments, mountain ranges my failures.
Sometimes like I’m in Hollywood, infamous like Gibson.

No one’s watching
No one’s watching
This is all my fault
I think it might be pride that got me
Into this hopeless mess.

I’m sorry,
I’m sorry,
I’m a broken record.
I’m a squeaky bed.
I’m a couch that sags in the middle.

But that’s not right.
No, this I know.
I wasn’t bought back by blood
To be brought back to the fold
And still fail to do as I’m told.

Spinner of galaxies, scatterer of stars, celestial composer God,
You’ve taken what is infinite and measured with Your hand.
Black holes are Your ink spots, nebulae Your painter’s palette.

Does the moon blush when You paint it afresh?
Do the skies not glow when you fire them new?
Does rain shiver leaf, snow blanket doe, and night whisper soft?
Do clouds burn silver and give sway to brilliant day?
Does grace not adorn like a breath of feathers faithfulness?
Does forgiveness not sway like the heaviest gale?
Is mercy a well wholly sounded? Does faith against fence falter?

See that hope that falls like rain,
Like a dim mirror, Heaven’s train.
Now we join Him here outside
To bear His reproach, Heaven’s bride.

It could be the worst, I could still be stuck
Thinking all I could hope for was stories and stuff.
But now it’s so crazy, there’s light in my eyes
Because Jesus saved me and paid for my life!


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