Think You’re Jesus

Whoa hey, look out
Seriously, you’re frightening me,
Better not let them think you’re Jesus.

Sorry, did you say you’re perfect?
Did you say you’ve somehow become holy?
Whoa whoa there guy, hey hey now, bro!
What is this heresy you’re submitting to me?

Man, I just keep on talking Jesus.
And I’ma keep on talking Jesus
‘Til I’m blue in the face and my arms need a brace
From being lifted up, up, up in praise.

I’m so freaking far from perfect your accusation makes me laugh.
My life was torn to shambles back when I was on my path.
The accoutrements of my accomplishments were blood and fear and sorrow!
The only one thing I ever got good at, was running away, borrowing tomorrow!

So no, you’re wrong, I don’t think I’m Jesus,
In fact I think I might have swung the hammer,
Once, maybe twice, heaven looked far away,
But then I wept, yep, through Jesus I awoke,
You can’t keep nailed to a tree what was free.

Here we go
Here we go

You keep telling me that you don’t want it
You keep saying you don’t wanna hear it
Yeah, start with yourself, you don’t own me,
But man, look at you, I’m just standing here!

See here’s the cold, hard, harsh simple truth.
I’m not doing this for me, I’m not doing it for you.
There’s only One who could die to set me free,
So I’ll give it up for Him and I’m not sorry.

When it’s all about Him, man, then you can see!
These tears today aren’t bothering me.
What is sad today is gladness tomorrow,
What is bad today means goodness on its way!

What God, what God,
Would do all this for you and me?
What man, what man,
Could conceive of all this coherently?
No no, I don’t,
I can’t refrain,
This hope fills me up, and it’s all I can do
To write these rhymes instead of falling down,
Jesus corrected my downcast brow!
Messiah plucked me from embers that would End!


How could I possibly ever be what I need to be but can’t?
I am not wandering anymore, I’m in my Saviour’s camp!
How can a donkey perceive itself as anything less than earth,
Until a King comes riding on and honouring my worth?


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