For The Record…

And so we splash, splash, splash, splash,
Just so we don’t crash, crash crash crash,
It’s not like the pen somehow redeems,
But all this writing’s doing good, it seems!

Who, who, who, who, who are you?
Just what does this arrogant clown think he’s doing?
Tell me what would you do if you’d tasted and seen.
If you knew there was glory to be lifted to our King?

I am not righteous, I used to be like Cain.
Me too, me too, Lord, just don’t look at my pain!
Though Abel prayed quietly, I trump’d loud!
Dear elephant so clumsy, could you be a gazelle?

If I give according to you, to whom am I giving but you?
If I give according to me, dare I denote another?
If I give according to God, how can I be glorified?
Do not be so quick!
Do not be so hasty!
For if a palm branch alighted beneath my hoof,
Should I stagger to avoid it?
Don’t I know Whose glory it is?
Would I not offer it to Him regardless?

That you prefer to hide in your stall is not my price to pay.
How else could I call to you but by donkey bray?

Beware of holy ground you say, but just Who washed my feet?
It wasn’t you, it wasn’t I, it was the one who bled for me!
Why should a watering can be filled up with grain?
You cannot draw water from a well that has been filled.


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