Things Have Changed

Look back
Just look at what I once wrote.
Just look at what I once built.

Sand castle in shambles and covered by brambles,
I planted my garden right next to the sea.
See, look what I found, it’s covered with mud,
This handful of weeds I submit to Thee!

What was I thinking, was this what I want?
A lifetime spent slipping alone in the muck?
Look at me, look at me, was my only plea.
I can do this too, if you’ll allow me to be.

Not so, not so, it wasn’t meant for me,
My Saviour came along and brought me to my knees.
The waves were frothing up, stole my castle to the sea,
And now I’m all alone, sad to see, woe is me!

But lo! Behold! See yonder, light!
Hope! A beacon! Life, just for me.
I took the hand offered, I slipped and I fell,
But Jesus decided I won’t go to hell!

This one! That one! Pluck from the flame!
My hour has come, this Time is here!
Separate! Burn! Wheat from chaff!
Let all my beloved to Me return!

Oh! Oh oh. What glorious triumph!
We’ll sing a song, yeah we’ll sing a new song!
Of praises to His Name!
And before the day’s done, we’ll lift up His train
Glorified, God on high!


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